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Valley-Of-Roses Thanks! :dummy:
Fri May 5, 2017, 8:42 PM
I like the chibis on your page, very cute!
Tue Apr 25, 2017, 2:27 AM
Tue Apr 11, 2017, 3:37 AM
How did i not see the shotbox on your page... Hoi
Mon Apr 10, 2017, 5:07 PM
@Vulpes-Iagopus21 Thank you so much!!
Wed Feb 8, 2017, 12:50 AM


Trying to get some money so I can help out a friend and buy a thing I just accidentally committed to buying (not really but I'd feel really bad morally if I didn't buy it after talking it through thoroughly with the creator)
So if you guys can help then.... yeah. That would help.

I'm hoping to raise $80USD so I can buy and get a piece of art shipped here, and so I can give $20 to help out a friend in need owo
Currently $20.00/$80.00USD

If you are able to help please do have a look at all my sales threads

Revamped 2017 Commission Prices - Open for USDHello, and welcome to my commission journal. Thank you for taking a look!
Before you decide to commission me you must read through my Terms of Service here. By commissioning me or purchasing my art/designs you agree to the stated terms.
    Arrow left  TOS
$1 = 100 Points 
The prices on my journal may switch between USD, AUD, points, or a mixture thereof. I have the right to change and choose what I accept, so if you would rather only pay with a certain currency then please wait until I am open for commissions accepting that currency.
    Arrow left  The currency(ies) I am currently accepting is/are: USD.
With all that in mind, I hope to work with you soon!
♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥
'Mega/Battle Form' Commissions Open (please look!)So an artist I really admire has their commissions open at the moment and I really want to get some art of either my dog or my cat (still indecisive :C)... only problem is I have no money lol
So I'm offering things like this for $5 USD (would price higher but I really need the money asap so I actually want commissioners lmao)

I've really loved this concept since I made my 'mega Jacob' so I'm offering things like it!
    For $5USD you will show me a character that you own and I will give them a 'mega evolution' / battle form. Your character will have war paint, enhanced features, and will be drawn like the one above - not sketchy but not quite lineart-ed either. You can request certain things or certain poses (although side ons will turn out better), as well as certain accessories.
Five slots. Just kidding seven slots so I can also afford to help a friend out rip
If you're interested please d

132 Adopts Challenge - ACCEPTING!Hello all!
Welcome to my 132 adopts challenge! My birthday is in a few months and I'm in need of some money to buy myself something I've wanted for ages, so I thought that this might be an entertaining and cool way to raise the money. Plus you guys can get some cool designs! :'D
General Rules
-Be patient! I will work on these in the order that they are bought and I will try to do them quickly, but remember that there are 132 of these, and it will take me a few months to finish all of them.
-You get a 24 hour grace period after you buy in which you can back out if you need to. This is highly discouraged - please know that you want to buy before actually purchasing! After this grace period there are no refunds.
-You must pay before I start - payment is preferred as soon as I confirm you can buy it.
-I will start on these as soon as the first one is bought.
-I am only accepting USD through Paypal for the base adopts. For the two

THEY ALL HAVE TO GO (CHARACTER CLEAROUT)!! When offering please don't ask me what I want for the design! For the most part I have no idea what I'm looking for. You offer and I'll let you know whether I accept or not.
So a lot of you will know I have a major character hoarding problem
Well I have a ton of guys I feel bad for not using and who I want to be moved to good homes, so
Guideline to the names:
If in a batch they will have a # number, if alone they have a name I assigned to them when I first got them, but either way they are still up for offer.
Anyone with nothing in their name but a name or # is completely up for grabs, I don't have any connection to them anymore.
Anyone with 'Tentative' in their name is someone I still like; you're probably going to have to offer a bit to persuade me to sell.
Anyone with 'NFT' in their name is not for sale, don't bother asking about them because I'm not ready to let go of them just yet.
Currently I'm on mobile and I can't go back and look at al

If anyone would spread the word that would help too ^^;

☤ Check me out on Youtube? ;D

★ Welcome!


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